At The Age of 24 He is a Multi-Millionaire

In 2015, Sandile Shezi made himself famous. Famous for being a multi millionaire at the age of 23. A lot of people might be wondering how he was able to achieve this and more.

Sandile standing next to a Ferrari and Lamborghini

Sandile standing next to a Ferrari and Lamborghini

Sandile has been growing with a business mind. He told attendants in a presentation at the Meropa casino on the 17th of July that he used to sell muffins at school. He also started researching about his current business at the age of 17. Now at the age of 24, he is one of South Africa’s youngest self-made multi-millionaires.

How does he do this
Sandile is a forex trader. A forex trader basically is a self-employed person who uses a computer with internet access to trade currencies online. This is simply, buying and selling of currencies.

He also provide training for interested individuals on forex trading. He owns a company called Global Forex Institute which at the moment have 3 branches one in Sandton, Umhlanga and also in Swaziland. He said during the presentation that he would like to expand to the rest of Africa by the end of 2016.

One thing that he said that grabbed my attention was when he said “It’s not that African people are poor, but it’s their mindset that are poor”.By this, he encouraged attendants to implement whatever thoguhts or plans they have in order to be successful.

Before he ends his presentation he told attendants at Meropa Casino in Polokwane that he has just bought a Ferrari. “I withdrew money from my Forex account and that’s when I went to the garage and swipe”

Ferrari keys

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