Are you considering trading, but held back by your inadequacy of understanding and knowledge about terms like stop-loss orders, pips, leverage and similar confusing trading jargon? Don’t worry. In our modern day and age of innovations and discoveries, it is indeed possible to become acquainted with trading fundamentals without risking any amount of money.

Make a loss in every single virtual trade, even blow up your forex practice account, your losses will be imaginary, although the great lessons uncovered are real. Many of reliable brokers in the market today offer exceptional forex demo account deals, and for your convenience, we have created a draft of them for you below.



When initially starting out trading forex, or perhaps the moment considering transferring to a different forex broker, several traders option to open a forex demo or practice account. Most notably, this lets them practice trading making use of the broker’s trading platform to see if they find it sufficiently to their preference. Aside from that, setting up such an account will also often lets traders try out a lot more services of the broker providing it.

Keep in mind that finding the best forex demo account for your goals could take opening more than a single demo account to verify the best ensuring forex broker prospects.

Live Trade

Live trade or “going live” is just what most future forex traders want to progress to after being successful trading a demo account. This suggests that you place real funds at risk on each trade, and your profile needs to take anything the market offers you in terms of profit or loss. Most traders just getting starting in forex will prefer to observe that their trading strategy works proficiently on a demo account prior to taking the dive to start live trading.


Trading Interface

The trading interface for forex demo accounts must be very similar or identical to the actual trading platform you will be using when you start live trading. This will enable you to get intimately familiar with the procedure you will need to look at to enter orders, handle positions and execute trades.


Trading Platform Access

If your objectives in open a demo account involve exploring the forex broker’s trading platform, make sure to ascertain if setting up a demo account may grant you access to the actual platform.

Furthermore, whenever it involves granting trading platform access, some brokers offer two main options. The 1st is an online trading platform or you need to download and install their software onto your PC first. The two options require an Internet connection to present up-to-date prices and trade execution in your forex demo account.


Virtual Money

Virtual money is what you will be trading with, in your demo account. Given that virtual cash is free, most brokers will likely provide you with a fairly large sum of it which you will then trade freely until it perhaps eventually vanishes.


Practice Trading

Having a chance to practice trading using a real forex trading system and real-time pricing is what demo accounts are all about, especially for new forex traders. It genuinely is profitable to make any blunders initially using a demo account so that you can learn from them relatively painlessly, instead of when you have actually begun to live trade using a funded account.


Margin Trading

Most forex trial accounts allow practice traders to get a feel of what it feels to trade with margin. This aspect of trading in a demo account can be very educational, because you will probably be margin trading when you start live trading, in the event that you are like many individual forex traders funding their own account. Keep in mind that using leverage increases the risk!


Entering Orders

Among the most useful elements of opening up a forex demo account is the opportunity to survey how you will have to deal with entering orders in practice. Entering orders correctly and in a timely fashion is just one of the secrets to profitable forex trading.

Aside from that, you will want to take the opportunity offered by demo trading to acquaint yourself using the various types of orders which the broker offers, and how to enter every one of these into the market at correct periods and in different scenarios.


Handling Spread Impact

Demo trading using real market bid/offer prices enables you to more clearly assess this dealing spread impact in advance for every trading strategy you might decide to use while you are currently within your demo period.