In a bid to address housing challenges.a decision was taken that housing waiting list was to be re-engineered into the Housing Demand Database for Gauteng province.Housing Demand Database is a new system of managing and planing for the demand of housing in Gauteng province.


The Housing Demand Database refers to all housing needs in the province.whether area based,or project based or tenure options.Beneficiaries who have benefited from a housing subsidy will be flagged on the Demand Database as INACTIVE.This policy will be the only housing official Database from which prospective beneficiaries will be selected for subsidy approval by the MEC

Gauteng Residents are urged to still come forward and update their personal information on the Demand Database Support Center in 37 sauer street to ensure that they form part of the Demand for Housing i Gauteng.

Bring a green South African ID come along with their spouses with all the following documents originals and copies

.South African Green ID book

.Birth Certificate or ID book of financial dependents

.For deceased spouse -Death Certificate

.Spouse ID book if married

.marriage Certificate if married& bring a partner

.Divorce Decree id divorced

.pay slip if working